8th Annual Conference Description

The 8th Annual New York State Safe Patient Handling Conference

New Conference Format:

The 2016 conference format will provide an interactive learning experience.  Adults have various learning styles.  Some adult learners prefer to learn through hands-on, some through interactive engagement, some through lecture and some through the use of real work-related scenarios.  The 2016 NYS SPH Conference is offering all 4 styles of adult learning.  We believe with this format the learning experience for the participants will be fun, challenging and meaningful.

Additionally, we have listened to the suggestions from past conference evaluations and based on this input we are offering 5 distinct tracks.  Each learner will select a track and follow that track throughout the conference. The 5 tracks (click on track for complete description) are:


Track 1 Sold Out Acute Care

Track 2 Sold Out Long Term Care and Sub Acute Rehab

Track 3 Sold Out Residential and Community Settings for People with Developmental Disabilities

Track 4 Out Patient Treatment-Dialysis, Imaging, and Medical Offices

Track 5 Western New York Council on Occupational Safety and Health (WNYCOSH) SPH  Modules.


Each Track will focus on 3 critical SPH program elements.  Within each of these elements there will be a short lecture followed by a tabletop style workshop and the session will conclude with a hands-on lab specific to the element being covered and the healthcare setting of the track. The SPH elements include:

  1. Patient Assessment
  2. Environmental Assessment
  3. Accident Prevention Strategies

The conference will conclude with a general session for all attendees titled Investing in Safe Patient Handling: It’s More Than Just Money.         


Learners are encouraged to bring issues they are facing with their Safe Patient Handling Program. Learners in each track will be able to assess and improve their facility’s Safe Patient Handling program with the aid of the instructors and other participants. In the end learners will be able to use the knowledge gained throughout the conference to build a successful and sustainable program while complying with the NYS Safe Patient Handling Law.


Conference Objectives:

Upon completion of this conference, learners should be able to:

  • Describe elements of a SPH program which are required by the NYS SPH Law.
  • Identify when, where, and who should conduct patient assessments.
  • Recognize the negative outcomes of not conducting adequate patient assessments.
  • Develop a patient movement algorithm which includes the use of SPH equipment based on patient functional mobility.
  • Identify key areas of focus when conducting an Environmental Assessment prior to deciding on which equipment is appropriate for the patient.
  • Recognize the barriers to SPH through the use of Gap Analysis when conducting an Environmental Assessment.
  • Identify needed equipment and process changes in order to implement a successful and sustainable SPH program.
  • Discuss the need for timely accident investigations.
  • Recognize the appropriate steps to conduct a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and After Action Review (AAR).
  • Identify what is needed, based on the RCA and AAR efforts, to ensure an effective injury prevention plan.
  • Describe how a well-developed Safe Patient Handling Program will result in a Return on Investment.


NOTE:  It is the intent of the conference organizers to provide a fully accessible learning environment, suitable for all learners.  If you have any special needs please provide the information on the registration form.  The conference center is ADA compliant.  

Cancellation Policy:  Registration fees are Non-Refundable but a coworker may take your place, using the transfer process on Zippyreg.  In the unlikely event that the conference is cancelled due to weather or other unexpected event, the conference will be rescheduled and registrations will be applied to the rescheduled conference.